On concepts and responsive web design

Concepts don’t just happen at a snap of a finger and illustrations certainly don’t make web designing easier. But they sure make sites very interesting.  Good illustrations never fail to catch my eye!

Need a springboard for ideas? Here are some:

19 Inspiring Examples of Illustrated Elements in Web Design

Illustrations are a great way to give a design personality. And it doesn’t matter if your website is a portfolio, a service, or an event – well thought out and designed illustrated elements look good in any project. From simple and minimal illustrated details, to full illustrated backgrounds, there are a lot of options. In the collection of sites we’ve gathered for you in this post, you’ll see sketches in headers and footers and even a whole illustrated team.

Now, here’s one of my favorite illustrations for web designs:

Leeds Building Society

Leeds Building Society

Speaking of web designs, check out this new technique for solving adapting images in responsive web designs:

Clown Car Technique: Solving Adaptive Images In Responsive Web Design

Our first problem — that all of the different sizes of images are downloaded, even those that aren’t needed — has been resolved. This background-imageversion downloads only the image required, thereby addressing the concerns about multiple HTTP requests and wasted bandwidth.

The magic happens when we include SVG in a flexible layout. You’ll notice that the first time you resize the image, the browser might flicker white as it requests the next required PNG — because it doesn’t automatically download all assets. Rather, it downloads only the asset it needs. Simply declare either the width or the height of the container (<img>, <svg> or <object>) with CSS within your layout media queries, and the SVG will only pull in the single raster image it needs.

Complete Website Design

All our package websites by default are now made with a mobile-friendly “responsive” design.

This means that your site will seamlessly re-arrange and resize itself to fit the size of the device it is being view on. So no more squinting or “pinching” to see your website properly on small devices!

Impressive, huh? These guys really know what they’re doing. What’s a great concept without an equally great platform? And great platforms don’t always happen when you’re not updated. So, that’s the key: Update, update, update and away!

(via Smashing Magazine)