Typography, mobile-friendly and killing the forms that can kill your biz!

Typography is one of the most important elements in web designing. And it’s not just about the type of font that you use but it’s overall contribution to the look. Composition plays a major role when it comes to choosing the perfect typography.


17 Examples of Beautiful Typography in Web Design

 We will show you more examples of text over images, and also other approaches to making beautiful typography choices in web design. From pretty clean and simple designs to colorful and bold ones, there are certainly some good type inspiration here to spark your imagination.

typography 1 edit

Click here for more ‘beautiful typography on web design’.

I don’t know about you, but before I got into all these, when I’m being asked to fill out something, I take to heels and flee. First of all, I don’t like having to go through form-filling before I can get into the information that I searched for. It’s like, when it gets too hard, go find something else that would be easier.

 Forms Kill People

Using forms to create conversions on websites has been around forever, but so has low conversion rates. Often they are seen as a necessary but ineffective element in a companies online marketing. It’s kind of like the way we view having a land line… if you live out in the country… where there is bad cell reception. In that situation you might choose a land line so that you have a way to avoid being completely cut off from the world.  It’s not great, fun to use, nor does it fit in your pocket. Forms are not fun, but a very common tool in the marketing toolbox.

Here’s a list of really good reasons why you should think twice about adding forms into your sites.

Making your website mobile-friendly with responsive web design


A June 2013 study shows that over half of all local searches and 21% of total website traffic now come from tablets and mobile phones.

This marks a 50% increase in the number of people using their tablets, iPhones and other mobile devices to browse the web since 2012.

So making sure your website works properly on mobile is a necessity.

Read more on ‘responsive web design’ here.

It all really boils down to usability and accessibility. A great lookin’ website will earn you some points, but it’s when they can actually max that website for their needs that those points will possibly translate into sales. Oh, and please, think hard about those forms!


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