Paying close attention to logo and character designs

8 Faces gives me one the best magazine experiences online! In my humble opinion, it’s become a formidable force in the design community. Now that they’ve improved on the site, it’s only right that I share it and have everyone take a closer look:

How they did it: Rebuilding 8 Faces

8 faces8 Faces was launched in 2010 by Elliot Jay Stocks – a UK based web designer and self-confessed type nerd. Since then it has grown steadily and has become a business in itself with an expanding list of contributors and a very active Tumblr community.

 Issue one sold out in under one hour and subsequent releases have fared just as well. The range of 8 Faces products has also grown and now includes a limited edition range of type posters and a soon to be launched “read online” feature.

 In mid 2012 Elliot commissioned Paravel, Inc to redesign the 8 Faces online experience. Consisting of Trent Walton, Dave Rupert and Reagan Ray, Paravel have forged a strong reputation for creative, type-driven and responsive web sites including the DO lectures and one of the most visited sites on the internet,

Read more on ‘rebuilding 8 faces’ here.

 Speaking of revamps, a friend of mine has been going back and forth on her company logo as she should be. Your logo is you. How about checking out these samples while you give that thought a go:

Inspiring logos for your delight

tea4teaWell designed logos are always a good source of inspiration. It’s amazing how many ideas we can get just by browsing logo galleries. From color palettes and typography, to textures and shapes, there’s plenty in a logo from which to gain inspiration.

Designers do a brilliant job on delivering logos that convey the personality of a company, and this is certainly no small task. So to keep your ideas flowing today, we gathered some examples of inspiring logos to get you inspired. Remember to click on the images to learn more about each logo and its designer.

And since we’re into logos, might as well touch on character design since character has been a familiar element for branding for ages:

30 Outstanding Tutorials for Learning the Art of Character Design

Characters and mascots are often used by brands, products, and websites to help with identity and communicating a specific message to customers/visitors. For many web designers character design is not an area of particular strength. Fortunately, there are a lot of quality tutorials that are readily available to explain the ins and outs of character design and to lead you through the process of designing a sample character.

Being able to design characters and mascots for your clients can be a great way to allow your services to stand out and to offer something that can make a big impact for your clients. If you’re looking to get started with character design or to improve your skills, here is a collection of 30 tutorials on the subject. This collection includes tutorials for Illustrator and Photoshop, and CorelDRAW is even represented.


More on 30 outstanding tutorials on character design here.

What Will A Great Website Do For You?

leaf tea ccd

A complete website design package gives small and medium businesses a fixed-price solution to make the most of online opportunities. With contemporary design and easy navigation we focus on the purpose of your website within your business.

In short –  a great website can make your business perform better.

There’s more to design than meets the eye. Seemingly minute things like logos and characters, they speak you. When it comes to these things, bring it!


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