Non-profit organizations now have a better way to reach out to millions of people all over the world and bring them over to their cause because of the power of the internet. It’s really not about impressing people but using it as a medium to communicate their cause to others. Here are some examples of extraordinary websites of non-profit organizations:

25 Exemplary Websites of Non-Profit Organizations


For non-profit organizations having an effective web presence is important for a number of different reasons, including communicating with donors and volunteers, encouraging gifts and donations, explaining the mission and services of the organization, promoting events, and simply for providing basic information about the organization and reaching new people.

Like any other business or organization, the content is ultimately more critical than the design of the website, but having a great-looking website can help the organization to portray a professional and established image. And a well-designed site can also help to improve usability and make it easier for visitors to find that important content.

See the list of exemplary websites of non-profit orgs here.

Everyone’s writing a book nowadays. Jamie Lee Curtis, Steve Martin and Tina Fey had done it. But I browsed through the internet and found out that there are a lot of unfamiliar names making good money out of writing eBooks. If you’re thinking of getting into it, this may help:

How To Create an eBook Template for Internet Content Marketing


With the rise of eReaders like Nook and Kindle and the explosion of mobile device usage, ebooks are taking the market lead. In 2011, Amazon ebook sales overtook print book sales. It is estimated that by 2016 ebook sales might be a $10 billion per year market.

According to Hubspot (an automated marketing solutions company), “Marketing ebooks are a key component of powerful lead generation”. In this article, I discuss the reasons your business should create ebooks and provide some helpful tips to get your team up and running.

Continue reading on ‘how to create eBook Template’ here.

Here’s a video on Kindle eBook template:

You can turn the web into good use by it as a platform for your business or services and lead people to it. Let’s face it, there are tons and tons of people who offer the same expertise, but give people a reason to sign up with you by making your portfolio shine like a diamond:

35 Portfolio Websites to Spark Your Inspiration

The 1st Movement

Every designer and design agency wants to have a great-looking portfolio site that makes an impact on visitors and potential clients. An effective portfolio website can be one of the most valuable marketing tools that helps to bring a steady flow of inquiries from people who are interested in your services.

When it comes to portfolio sites there are a lot of different possible design styles and approaches. Some are clean and minimal. Others use colorful illustrations. Some use big, bold images or video. In this showcase you’ll see 35 different portfolio websites that can provide some inspiration. Many designers find it more challenging to create their own portfolio site than to work for clients, so if you’re stuck and looking to spark your creativity, hopefully these examples can help.

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What Will A Great Website Do For You?

In short – a great website will make your business perform better. Your website can: Lead new customers to your door Increase sales Extend your brand reach and recognition Decrease customer service time Become a “hub” for communication and social media.

A complete website design package gives small and medium businesses a fixed-price solution to make the most of online opportunities. With contemporary design and easy navigation we focus on the purpose of your website within your business.

Get in touch with a brilliant team of web devs here.

The internet is a powerful tool if you use it accordingly. You need to be smart about it since everything now goes up on the net. Make sure that when someone types in your name, they’re going to be impressed by what list Google comes up with.


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