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beautiful image6 Branding Basics that Web Designers Can’t Ignore

Does your web design business have a brand?

Even if you haven’t put much thought into branding your web design business, your clients probably already have an opinion about your business. You may even already have a reputation for doing a certain type of work. That reputation is one of the branding basics that you should manage.

Branding is important for web designers. Not only must you develop a recognizable brand for your own web business to stay competitive, but often clients expect branding help from their designer. If you can’t help your clients with branding, they’ll find someone else who can.

Read why you can’t ignore these ‘branding basics’ here.

18 Examples of Beautiful Image Usage in Web Design

We can say that lately images are taking center stage in web design. And thanks to that, we’ve been seeing some really beautiful websites where sleek images are the focal point and the “attention grabber”.

From minimalist concepts to full background images, there are several different approaches to image usage in web design. So today we will show you some inspiring examples.

The websites we gathered here will demonstrate that a beautiful and high quality image can go a long way in conveying a message, adding tons of personality, and delivering that eye candy which users love.

See examples of ‘beautiful image usage’ here.

Are you ready for mobile?

It’s not hard to make your website look and work the same on a mobile device as it does on a desktop PC. Most modern websites can achieve that.

But it makes more sense to offer a different experience to mobile viewers in many cases.

Why? It’s not just the screen size that is a factor. Mobile users often have different motivations and are in a different environment.

Read more on being ‘ready for mobile’ here.


All About Grid Systems

Grids enable you to build solid structure and form into your designs. Much like we looked at typographic hierarchies and rhythm, we can effectuate the same feelings through using a grid structure. Just as with coding, there are recommended ways to organise modules and sections of code, and a grid system can help similarly when designing for the web.

Grids aren’t just useful for us as designers or developers – they’re good for the user, too. All through this session I’ve emphasised the importance of creating a good user journey and a good user experience through your designs – after all, the user is there to consume your content and you want to make it as good an experience for them as you can. Having a solid grid system to use in your designs (and then carry through to the development phase) will allow you to do just that, by creating consistency and familiarity (and thus building trust) in your design.

If your website is well designed, a grid will help you to project that confidence further to your users – however consciously or sub-consciously that projection may be. Using a grid system doesn’t mean that your designs need become boring or boxy, either. Just like it has been said with responsive web design, the responsibility is with you to create a design that is unique and has something different to it – and a grid system should be seen as something that will enable you to do that, rather than restrict you.

Continue reading about ‘grid systems’ here.

By the way, do you want to learn how to make GIFs? Here’s a great video tutorial:

How to make an ANIMATED GIF from VIDEO for FREE 

Personally, I think GIFs are awesome. Many people use it to make silly images but once you get how powerful that short action is, you just might come up with something much more than what’s worth a few ha-has.

(via Vandelay Design)


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