The practical side of web designing

You’re talented, you’re highly skilled, but things aren’t working out as you thought they would. Ever wondered what it is you’re doing wrong as a web designer?  There are no guarantees in this business (or any other business, for that matter), I’m sure you know that by now. But you can always try. 

6 Not-So-Obvious Mistakes Freelance Web Designers Make 


So, going forward, the specific kind of mistakes I’m on about today are mistakes made by freelance web designers. But there’s no standard basic stuff here, like: not charging enough, missing yet another deadline, not responding to email in time, not doing any marketing, not being present on social media, and so on. We all know what causes those and, to some degree, we know how to fix them as well.

The following mistakes are therefore not that obvious, but they still have a significant impact on your design business. And I’m speaking from experience unfortunately. I used to own a web design business a couple of years ago and I don’t feel very proud admitting that we were guilty of doing a number of the following things.

Read these ‘not-so-obvious mistakes freelance web designers make’ here.

There’s something incredibly sweet and almost romantic about using a handwritten font for design projects. Handwritten fonts add an extra ounce of personality, and give me a feeling similar similar to a homemade apple pie from my mother that would be waiting for me when I came home to after school.

12 Hand Written Fonts for Designers


There are a variety of decorative fonts and script fonts that are commonly used for design projects like wedding invitations, greeting cards, paper projects, graphic design projects, and web design, but today I wanted to showcase handmade fonts because of their ability to elicit emotions with people.

You feel an instant connection with a design that features handmade elements, simply because they are something we, as humans, can relate to.

We like things that feel real to us, that we’ve experienced or seen in real life. With advances in technology and the world constantly changing around us, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of home even if its only in the form of something “handwritten”.

See more ‘samples of hand written fonts’ here.

Complete Website Design

winters des

A complete website design package gives small and medium businesses a fixed-price solution to make the most of online opportunities. With contemporary design and easy navigation we focus on the purpose of your website within your business.

All our package websites by default are now made with a mobile-friendly “responsive” design.

This means that your site will seamlessly re-arrange and resize itself to fit the size of the device it is being view on. So no more squinting or “pinching” to see your website properly on small devices!

Want a responsive website done? Go here.

Web Design Tips for Older Users

65 years

People over sixty-five are the fastest growing group of internet users. They find the internet useful for sourcing information on anything from health through to finance. They also like to play games as much as younger generations and use the internet for booking travel and shopping.

People in this age group are more than capable of using the internet, but often find that, as they get older, they can encounter age related problems such as reduced text comprehension or poor eyesight. They might also find that their ability to accurately click on a single word or target is not what it used to be.

Amy Harris, Web Manager for Photocopier Experts offers you five simple principles when designing a website for an audience over the age of sixty-five.

Continue to ‘web design tips for people 65 and above’ here.

I don’t know about you but for me, just the thought that when I’m 65 I may no longer be able to do things that I’m doing right now on the computer –that sucks! I mean, I plan on learning for a very long time, so perhaps now I do my part and hope that others would follow suit. After all, most of us will get old.


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