The human side of design

Have you ever taken art classes as a kid? I did. One of the things I was taught to do was make grid on my paper and on the picture that I’m going to copy and makes some on my paper too. I didn’t understand it at first until I started drawing by the squares…

 Using Alignment to Improve Your Designs


Alignment is one of those things that comes hand-in-hand when working with grid systems. The subject of alignment isn’t simply a matter of choosing whether or not you want to align text or images to the left or right of a design (though those decisions obviously still matter), instead, we employ alignment to improve our designs. Proper alignment in your designs will make them visually more appealing and will also make it easier for users to scan over a page, sub-consciously also offering a calmer reading experience.

All of the elements in your design will have to be aligned in some way, whether this is just plain text on your page, images mixed within the text (or even header or hero images), videos, buttons and call-to-actions, links (within the text or in modules such as a navigation section) or any other elements you might have.

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How Human Centric Web Design Improves Your Workflow

human centric

First of all, why does human-centered web design matter? In general, either as designer or developer, it seems that we’re doing a pretty good job at what we do. We build websites, mainly for clients, and we get paid for that. Sounds neat, right? I personally look at human-centered webdesign as a method of getting a better grip on projects.

It’s not just something which we should do, such as so many aspects in webdesign, but it really improves your workflow. It’s a feasible process to guide you.

The underlying idea is using specific approaches on making your workflow as smooth as possible. Besides which, it’s a great asset in helping you connect with clients, transform concepts to achievable ideas and increase the speed and effectiveness of deploying those concepts.

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Tips and Tools to Help You Protect Your Online Reputation

tools editYour clients talk. They talk about all kinds of things. They talk about their business. They talk about their likes and dislikes. And sometimes, they talk about you and the work you did for them.

Word-of-mouth can be a powerful marketing force if it’s positive. Unfortunately, sometimes word-of-mouth is less than helpful. Sometimes information about your design business that is incorrect or misleading gets spread around.

The Internet has transformed word-of-mouth into a major force that can reach around the globe. Clients from halfway around the world can post comments and share information that influences clients right in your own town.

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Complete Website Design

Are you looking for web designers to transform your ideas into a website? Choc Chip Digital’s team of experienced web developers and designers can help.

Your site can include a full-featured e-commerce store for selling online. This can include secure credit card payments, paypal, stock control, sales reports, automatic delivery of downloadable products and more.

And just like the main part of your site, the product listings are easy to edit so you can change prices or update a photo any time you like.

 Learn more on what the team can do here.

Let me leave you with all these great write-ups and if something comes up on your end, do share on our page. Have a good weekend!

(via Vandelay Design)


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