Clean, consistent and minimalist designs

Some designs are commonly appreciated, while others are what one would refer to as ‘acquired taste’. I, however, like clean web designs that capitalize on content.

15 Fresh Examples of Clean and Minimal Web Designs


As a designer, it can be tempting to use a lot of unnecessary design elements or a complex color palette to make a website stand out.

Doing this will often result in a web site that looks over designed and distracts from what’s most important: the content.

Most of the time, you’ll discover that it’s much better to take a minimalistic approach. So for today, we gathered 15 Fresh Examples of Clean and Minimal Web Designs to inspire your for your next project.

See the examples of clean and minimal web designs here.

Building Consistency and Relationships into Your Designs

consistent 2

First up, one of your main aims with any website should be to build the relationship between the user and the website. The reason being to create trust with the user, so that they feel comfortable with navigating and interacting with the website. Through design and functionality, you can then offer your users a better experience.

Building consistency in your designs also helps to strengthen your brand and keep a brand’s message clear. For a client, it’s important for their business that their brand’s message (whether online, offline, or in any other medium) is consistent as that will again build trust with their customer base. If a brand’s message is inconsistent, confusing or difficult to understand, this can be off-putting to customers and can even affect sales and enquiries, ultimately having a detrimental effect on your client’s businesses.

Even yourself, as an individual, need to understand the importance of consistency in your brand. You, yourself, are a brand. Even if you have a personal blog, you are putting yourself on the web and should care about your brand and image. Sometimes, particularly in the web industry, it’s even more important to build a brand consistency for yourself, as it helps to set you apart and make you unique.

Click here for more on ‘consistency and relationships in design’.

Creative and Inspiring Print Ads


From web to print and TV, we believe that you can find inspirations in all kinds of mediums! With that in mind, and also considering that advertisement is a great place to find cool artworks, we decided to gather some creative and inspiring print ads to show you how designers approach colors, textures, type and composition in a different medium.

Remember to click the images to learn more about each campaign.

One of the reasons I love ads is because they have to communicate a whole idea in only a few words and a striking image, capturing the viewer’s attention while being memorable – and certainly inspiring.

More of ‘creative and inspiring print ads’ here.

Sell online

A complete website design package gives small and medium businesses a fixed-price solution to make the most of online opportunities. With contemporary design and easy navigation we focus on the purpose of your website within your business.

Your site can include a full-featured e-commerce store for selling online. This can include secure credit card payments, paypal, stock control, sales reports, automatic delivery of downloadable products and more.

And just like the main part of your site, the product listings are easy to edit so you can change prices or update a photo any time you like.

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