Of fonts and web designs

I don’t know about you but Pepsi’s font mistake on their latest ad is red light enough to be extra careful with the fonts that we use. With that in mind, I’m starting off with 8 new fonts that you can go over for your designs:

8 Fresh Free Fonts for your Designs

To keep your library fresh and diverse, today we gathered eight beautiful free fonts for your designs. If you were in need of something fresh, creative and different, look no further, you just found the fonts you were searching for.

font 2

See fresh free fonts and more here.

25 Beautiful Minimalistic Website Designs

Minimalism is a style appreciated by many designers. While it is not appropriate for every web design project, when a minimal design is done well it can be clean, striking, and it keeps the focus on the most important content.

A design with a minimalist style seems like it would be easy, but many designers find it to be very challenging to create a minimal design that looks great. White space, balance, and typography are all important elements for pulling off this look. Many minimal designs use simple color schemes, but as you’ll see below there are some exceptions.

See the minimalistic designs here.

17 Clean Web Designs for Your Inspiration

A clean web design is one that is uncluttered, has good whitespace, and of course has solid typography. This doesn’t mean that a web site has to be void of color and design elements to be considered clean, but you will notice in most cases clean web designs use both sparingly. For your inspiration, we’ve gathered a collection of web sites that are good examples of what clean design is all about.

clean site 2

Check out the 17 clean web designs here.

25 Colorful Website Designs that Stand Out

Deciding on a color scheme for a website design can be one of the most difficult decisions during the design process. Not only is it a challenge, but it also has a huge impact on the end result. Color decisions can make or break a design.

It’s very common for designers to use subtle colors and to avoid extreme use of color when designing a website, but sometimes the use of extra color can be a great decision. If you’re looking for a way to make a design pop or stand out from the crowd, the use of color is one option.

In this blog post we’ll showcase 25 example websites that are colorful and attention grabbing. Hopefully these examples will provide you with some ideas and inspiration that can be put to use in your own work.

Look at the gallery of colorful website designs here.
I always say this – design is an art. Sure, lots of people can probably learn the processes but it takes more than just a good eye for detail to be one; in designing, passion comes into play. Without it is like milk chocolate, we term it chocolate but there’s nothing chocolate about it.


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