All about ‘Responsive’

Responsive_Web_DesignThis week, I thought I’d study up on responsive and so I went through some stuff on it on the net and I’m sharing them to you.

How to Create Responsive WordPress Web Design?

With millions of users around the world, WordPress is the most widely used content management system. However, there has still been a lot of talk on how to do responsive Web design on WordPress sites.

That is not surprising, really. While WordPress makes adding content and overall management of your site very easy, creating a responsive Web design is rather different. Responsive Web design helps you display your site perfectly on the ever-growing number of devices and different screen sizes that exist now.

Read more on ‘Responsive WordPress Web Design’ here.

Responsive Design Books for Smarter Design

Responsive design is an obvious trend in our day and age. Well, if you don’t live under the rock. Moreover, it has been a trend for about two years now. And I’m sure that it will be even more popular for a bunch of years. As a cool web developer, you should make responsive web sites in the right way.

To show you how to do it, I’ve put together these awesome books on responsive web design. Do not hesitate to invest in your education, because knowledge is power!

Of course, you can find some cool responsive templates and use them for your web site (for example TemplateMonster and ThemeForest have a huge number of such templates). But! If you really wanna deal with responsive design, these books will be in a great use for you. Hands down 🙂

See the recommended ‘books on responsive design’ here.

All About Responsive Iconography

This article is the third in a three-part series showing the new approaches to iconography Iconic will be delivering. If you like what you see in this article, please consider backing Iconic on Kickstarter

What is Responsive Iconography?

Responsive iconography is the approach of displaying icons of appropriate fidelity based on an icon’s display size to ensure optimal legibility.

Why This is Relevant

The content we create is viewed in more permutations than ever. Device, screen density, resolution, platform, browser. So many variables—all of which have an impact (to varying degrees) on our content’s legibility. Icons in particular can be quite sensitive to the size in which they are displayed.

Click here for more on ‘responsive iconography’.

The Relationship Between HTML5 and Responsive Web Design

If you have already realized the value of having a mobile Web site or of having your existing Web site optimized for mobile viewing, then you would have heard of both responsive Web design and HTML5.

These two platforms are almost always mentioned when it comes to designing mobile Web sites as both are geared primarily for mobile. It is easy for the uninitiated to confuse one with another.

More on HTML5 and Responsive Web Design here. 

Hope these bunch of links led you to some new discoveries, if not, some good reviewing. Have a great week ahead!


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