Video backgrounds, Gumby Framework and the web design community

I don’t know about you but I might have already been consumed by the holidays. So I’m going to make this quick and easy and lay out these interesting links for you to go through.


11 Great Examples of Video Backgrounds in Web Design

Video backgrounds were certainly very popular during 2013. And since this trend is still staying strong among designers, we decided to gather a few examples of websites using this approach to grab the attention of their visitors.

The key with video backgrounds is to properly optimize so you speed up load times without sacrificing quality.

Check out the ‘examples of video backgrounds in web design’ here.

10 Resources To Help You Become More Active in the Web Design Community

Designers as well as developers have always been a close-knit group (there always seems to be a problem you need help with, right?), but online interaction and presence amongst this industry has just recently started growing over the last few years.

While social media and forums became a necessity quickly for many professions—marketers, writers, sales representatives, etc.—it wasn’t something the development and design community jumped on right away. Now that this is changing, it’s more important than ever to get involved.

The question then becomes easy: If I’m a developer and/or designer and want to be more active in the online community, where do I even start?

Know where to ‘start becoming more active in the web design community’ here.

Building a Complete Website With the Gumby Framework

In this, our final video tutorial on Gumby, we’re going to put all we’ve learned into practice. We’re going to build a complete website using Gumby’s semantic grid, parallax effects, toggles and switches, covering workflow best practices as we go. There’s plenty to cover, so let’s get started!

Get started on Gumby framework here.

Edit your website yourself

Your site can include a full-featured e-commerce store for selling online. This can include secure credit card payments, paypal, stock control, sales reports, automatic delivery of downloadable products and more.

And just like the main part of your site, the product listings are easy to edit so you can change prices or update a photo any time you like.

Each website comes with an admin login and password which enables you to easily edit the content, add new pages images and links as often as you like.

If you want a website that you can edit yourself, check this out!

Did the exploring birth into a beginning? I would surely hope so. Enjoy the holidays!

(via Web design tuts)




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